Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Angels, Olympians (comedians, chamelians, carinthians and charicatures..)

Thank god that I never went to school to be flogged into following the ways of a fool, and on this occasion took myself miserably down to Peckham Rye where I am fairly certain I found something.
In the late 1700s the young W. Blake took a long stroll from Soho to the Rye, where he saw an angel in a tree. I have the utmost time for all of Blakes outputs, the polymath poet and alturistic engraver was indeed touched and should be belived, what is placatingly dispelled though, ss that that tree ( which of course in paradoxical grey-green damp reality of county council orthodoxies could never have existed ) is no longer there
Au bloody Contraire, I boldly go.  This has got to be it. I just reckon so, you know? Look at all the faces, look at its neo gothic natural curves..its like a church, and whatever aesthetic representation of Christian notions appeals or applies across history (I'm no history of architecture knowledge fountain, or indeed drip) don't you kind of think that it is elemntally there, the same shapes that appear across life forms from the macrocosmic to the miniscules, patterns and shapes and arches and curves, are always there, appearing again and again, forever and ever, amen.

In other news the incorrigible truller H. Hood has been doing some cash-reward spying / working at the Olympics, which may prove to be a vital insight in the coming cock-ups surely ahead. 

"We went to an Olympic Enablers opening event which was huge, and a loud recorded voice said 'HELLO GAMES MAKERS'. Eddy Izzard was compering, him and Sebastian Coe were arseing about, throwing around free chocolate bars and burgers.. I don't know what they think they're promoting."

I'll tell you Hood. The proud sponsors of the unlimpics are Macdonalds and Cadbury's (/ Kraft).  Put that in your cheese and slice it.

I never really found Eddy Izzard all that funny, this is problaby the funniest thing he's done, harking back to a few posts ago where I mentioned satire being unnessicary, Satire is Undead. Why get Spitting Image back when the news is cheaper to produce and it doesn't gross out the children so much? On the Olympics, this is all I have to say, which I already said ages ago. Do you know this postcard was part of a pitch that got personally rejected by non other than the keyboardist from HEAVEN 17? UH HUH!

The rest reside here. Come the time feel free to print them and send them, don't give  us any money, we live on fresh air <3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/truller/sets/72157626831638737/

On the subject of Seb Coe, some friendly men in Westminster said it for us, viewable from 2.47 onwards, briefly:

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

You know

I feel I really ought to direct you to my other blog. It's different, as it's actually about something rather than being simply a gallery of my (albiet exellent) exploits.
It's about stuff I find, or get sent, and It's got a new particularly horrifying entry today. So head on over, Do, do, please. X

It'll give an insight into the following images, and can be found here >voyuerismbypost.blogspot.com,

Saturday, 3 March 2012

YBA's, CSA's, BDA's, TWOC, YOT, you-name-it

Whilst for the past few years fans missing Armando Ianuchi's wonderful 'The Thick of It' have only had to tune in to radio four every hour on the hour for their does of satirical ineptitude, life really outdone itself in it's mirroring of art this time; http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/mar/02/police-privatisation-security-firms-crime

On brighter pastures here's the deal- m'colleague and I started this week in typical style, 
However by the end of the week had indeed made our fortunes as fucking big deal artists, in the show as mentions in the previous post. There WAS free booze, and it was no shan table deal, there was a freeeee bar.  As you can see..

This was all paid for by Red Bull, who for the record are kidding absolutely noone with this sort of thing. Oh and by the way, see that dark handsome chap horsin' around? That's Charsles fegan (olopolisinc.blogspot), author of an earlier posted video. These photos are courtesy of Jonesy, authour of atasteforperfection.blogspot., if your didn't already know, which you probably did as she has 29 followers!
Thank you Red Bull, thank you kindly for your incredible generosity, but you see, if I want to drink energy filth I think you'll find Euro Shopper brand energy drinks undercut you by a cool £1.25 at least.  Though I will stop short of reccomending their 'lemonade'.
edit; though my watch says 3.29, it wasn't 3.29 ,  I just don't know how to work it if it gets unsettled.